Building a Community to suit you

Supply chain compliance and risk management

Hellios offers specific services to help buyers manage supplier information and supply chain risk and give suppliers an opportunity to be visible to numerous organisations within a community.

Hellios services are designed for industry communities to meet a diverse range of sustainability, compliance and supply chain management risk. Supply chains across all areas have become increasingly complex, requiring procurement and supply chain management teams to manage a wide range of risks, with increasing expectation from customers, regulators and commentators that this will be controlled effectively. Hellios introduce responsible business practices, through due diligence and a collaboration solution which reduces the time, cost, resources and duplication.

Hellios questionnaires are developed by each community and ensures all buyers users can see the information about both current and potential suppliers. Information is validated by the team to the highest levels and only once validated is published.

Our supplier information and risk management services provide systematic and consistent approaches to managing corporate-wide supplier compliance and reporting. Our communities ensure reduced duplication of effort, increased industry collaboration and an improved supply base. Our current communities include Defence, Financial Services and Retail. Our performances are governed by the members of each buying community and content is reviewed at least annually. Each sector has its own Governance Group and Technical workshops, which are chaired by a member of the community.

Non Community approach

A non community approach to supply chain management creates duplicated time and effort for buying organisations as they collect supplier information for every contract. Likewise, suppliers expend duplicated time and resources sending information to every buyer for every contract.

Hellios Community Model

In the Hellios Community Model, suppliers and third parties complete a single profile that is shared with all participating buying organisations registered within the community. Each supplier profile is validated by Hellios and is then viewed by numerous buyers – saving time and money for both buyers and suppliers.

Our Communities

A Community of Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies and Investment Companies.

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A Community of Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies and Investment Companies in the Netherlands.

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A Community for the Defence and Aerospace Sector including prime contractors, civil aviation and security.

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A Community of Banks and Insurance Companies for Spain.

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