FSQS can support your DORA compliance, will you be ready without it?

The pressure is on. From January 2025 you will need to be fully protected, should your business or one of your suppliers, be hit with a cyber-attack. Whether you’re an EU business or not. If you work in the financial sector and do business in or with EU businesses, you will need to adhere to DORA standards.


This includes:

  • - Rewriting your supplier contracts
  • - Identifying your Critical Third Parties (CTP)
  • - Integrating the correct reporting process
  • - Understanding the communication protocols after an incident
  • - Conducting resilience testing
  • - Implementing a new process of supplier due diligence

That’s a lot.


Let Hellios take something off your plate. FSQS is a single questionnaire for all your suppliers, gathering all the information you need for DORA compliance. From there we support your suppliers in filling it out correctly, we validate their policies and accreditations, we’ll even remind them to update their documents that are due to expire. So that you have the full transparency you need at your fingertips.


Alongside all of that you’ll be part of a community that work together sharing expertise and continuously improving the platform with new features and updated questions.

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What do I need to know?

  • January 2025 is the deadline, not the start date
  • Whether you’re an EU business or not, you’ll need to be compliant to do work in the EU
  • It’s not just about your operational resilience but also that of your suppliers
  • Failure to prepare adequately could result in mandated security measures, fines or even criminal penalties
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How can we help?

1. Prebuilt DORA Register of Information template

Get a head start on your regulatory requirements by mapping supplier datapoints to our own standard Register of Information template

2. Identify your ICT Service providers

Use FSQS service codes to easily classify your ICT service providers

3. Peer Network

The FSQS community model provides advice and solidarity from peers, alongside the opportunity to input into the development of the questionnaire as regulations and industry evolve.

4. 365 Assurance

Rather than an annual or bi-annual snapshot, FSQS provides all-year-round transparency of supplier information including continuously monitoring details on operational resilience and cyber security.

5. Governance

As a single platform for all your suppliers, FSQS allows for a holistic, cross-departmental view of supplier information. From Procurement to Info Sec and Cyber, to TPRM and Business Continuity.

6. Alternative suppliers

DORA requires contingencies and potential back-up suppliers in the case of an incident. FSQS offers a suite of registered suppliers with up-to-date information and policy details.

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