Saving you Time and Cost

FSQS-NL is a cross-sector collaboration solution that reduces the time, cost, resources and duplication needed to provide information to Banks, Building Societies Insurance Companies and Investment Companies.

Holding common supplier information in a central system, FSQS-NL allows information to be accessed by all participating buying organisations.

FSQS-NL is designed to make the process of pre-qualification as efficient as possible saving your company a significant amount of the time, effort and cost associated with working for multiple clients.

Hellios enables more effective compliance with client requirements for business through a single process.

Your initial registration will determine the level of pre-qualification your clients require, based on an automated risk profile.

Expert advice is provided throughout the process, including identifying potential business improvement opportunities which may increase your competitive advantage. Registration on FSQS-NL is currently by invitation only, therefore you would need to contact the buyer registered on FSQS-NL and ask them to contact Hellios. We will then process this request and send a link for you to complete the questionnaire.

The Process


Initial stage

All suppliers complete an initial registration questionnaire on-line through the FSQS-NL portal. This typically includes corporate information, policy compliance and declarations needed by any buyer registered on the system. Completing this part of the questionnaire can take as little as 60 minutes.

Once this stage is completed, the system conditionally triggers whether or not Stage 2 of the process needs to be completed.  Stage 2 may require a fee. This depends on the company's size and turnover. completed. 

Second stage

This stage is triggered for medium and high-risk suppliers. You will have to complete a more detailed questionnaire that relates to the answers provided in the Stage 1. This could include the provision of supporting documentation e.g Insurance & Policy documentation and statements. Our expert team will be available for support through the process.

When the questionnaire is submitted, it is returned to Hellios to be validated. If we see an answer that requires clarification or amendment, we will resend a link directing you to those particular answers. This ensures the information provided to the buying organisations are current, accurate, and of the highest quality.

Hellios Supplier Process - click to view 'How it works'