Hellios I Operational Resilience through collaboration for Finance Institutions

A number of significant enhancements have been made to the Hellios questionnaires in 2021 giving both the buyers and suppliers a more streamlined experience. Our team of developers are working hard to give each community functional changes that enhance the experience . Changes to the release include:

  • Improved display of supplier data for multiple years: where a supplier provides data for multiple years e.g. financial accounts it will now be displayed in a more convenient grid, to make it easier to compare data across years.
  • Improved on-screen messages for suppliers: we have improved on-screen messages for suppliers to make it clearer how to update their data and to remind them to resubmit Stage 2 as well as Stage 1 before we can validate.
  • Trading names included in supplier search: when searching for suppliers by name the search will now also look in the trading name fields to enhance the matched results.
  • Section 1.2 Primary Contact renamed to Business Contact: this section has been renamed because the primary contact is managed through the user management function rather than in the questionnaire.
  • Date and time stamp added to Download Supplier PDF: the date and time stamp of when this report is generated will be included in the report for future reference, especially when these reports are being printed or saved offline.
  • Last login date displayed for users: the date and time of the last logon will now be displayed against each user in the user management screen.
  • Permission changes to user roles: “buyer standard” users will now be able to create reports and edit buyer specific fields, “buyer standard plus” users will now be able to edit buyer specific fields and add new suppliers.

If you have any question relating to this release, please contact info@hellios.com