Supplier Information and Risk Management

JOSCAR-AU is an accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors
An accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors. The system was established following an initiative led by a growing number of prime contractors as registered buyers together with the Commonwealth Government. JOSCAR-AU is a cross-sector community which reduces the time, cost and resources and duplication needed to provide information to major buying organisations. We provide a risk management tool that objectively assesses potential vendor risks, proportionally to products and services being provided and across relevant areas of compliance.
Holding common supplier information in a central system allows information to be accessed by all participating buying organisations, reducing duplication and giving wider market access. All supplier information once validated is published for the community to search, analyse and report through a standard Internet browser, and can be exported into other applications or processes. Supplier information is managed in stages depending on the risk of supply and therefore the type of information and extent of validation required. The level of supplier risk is determined through a configurable automated risk-based heat map defined with the client.

The Process

Initial stage

All suppliers complete a basic registration questionnaire on-line through the JOSCAR-AU branded portal. This allows the system to develop a risk profile of suppliers determining whether the supplier needs to provide any further information.

Second stage

The second information stages are completed by supplier operating in higher risk areas. Suppliers complete a more detailed questionnaire including uploading supporting documentation where applicable. Our expert team quality check and validate all information which the supplier submits to ensure the information received comply to the highest quality, currency and accuracy.

Regulatory & Compliance

JOSCAR-AU helps the defence industry meet the growing and diverse nature of regulatory requirements when it comes to managing third party risk in the supply chain.

Demonstrating compliance and continual improvement is essential for legal, regulatory and corporate governance standards and as part of effective reputation management.

Managing third party risk and due diligence has become increasingly complex, requiring collaboration across procurement, compliance and risk teams to ensure an efficient and effective approach.

Hellios supplier information and risk management services provide systematic and consistent approaches to managing corporate-wide third party compliance and reporting.

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