Buyers are more aware of sources of supply chain disruption, but the complex global business environment they operate in means that mitigating the risks is as difficult as ever. 

Some things can be planned for, other anticipated, but how do we manage the unknowns?

To manage these unknowns, we need to find areas for improvement and greater efficiency, reduce the chances of disruption and stay competitive. Effective supply chain management means looking beyond tier 1.

A Parliamentary Discussion lead by Stuart Anderson MP Wolverhampton South West, Paul Everitt, CEO & FIL Chairman ADS and Andrew Kinniburgh, Director General, NDI , discussed the MoD’s understanding of who is in their supply chain and how it is managed. To view the discussion and for information only click here.

Defence procurements come across challenges and supply chain risk every day. Hellios in collaboration with the MoD and Prime contractors developed JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.

JOSCAR, a risk management tool, ensure that the information that suppliers and third parties are asked to provide is proportionate to the types of goods of services being supplied. A dynamic two-stage process is used to ensure that the process is tailored, risk is determined and configurable and as efficient as possible across relevant areas of compliance. For more information on Hellios defence sector services click here