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With over a decade of experience you can rely on us to help you solve the challenge of managing your supplier data.

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We connect buying organisations in industry communities to manage common supplier data challenges together.

Defence, Aerospace & Security 


Welcome to the supplier community. Get support, find helpful resources, and explore innovative tools to streamline your reporting. 

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With a comprehensive library of resources, feel free to explore and discover what you're looking for.



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The Power of Collaboration:

10 Years of streamlining supply chain data

Join the community of buying organisations in the UK working together to confidently manage their supply chain data. 


Stuck with supply chain headaches
like these...?


Constantly wrestling with complex supplier data.

Worried about supply chain disruptions but feeling a bit lost.

Lack of supply chain visibility but no extra resources.

It's hard for new suppliers to being working with you.

Drowning in a sea of changing regulations.

Inconsistent data that's hard to analyse.


JOSCAR makes supply chain data management a breeze

Join our UK community for faster insights, easier compliance, less burden.

Worried about managing risks in your supply chain? It's not easy, with so many factors at play. JOSCAR can help. Our user-friendly platform simplifies things by gathering all the important information and tailoring it for the defence, aerospace and security industry.

The best part? You're not in this alone. Our JOSCAR community in the UK connects buying organisations like yours. This means you can work together on due diligence tasks, making it easier for everyone.

3 ways you will benefit:

1. A painless process for all

No more inefficient ways of working. Our process is simple, reliable, and cost-effective.


2. Cuts red tape for suppliers

Helps minimise the barrier to entry for suppliers and reduces the costs of doing business for everyone.


3. Extra help and support

Our specialist teams will support your suppliers through the process, and you'll get a dedicated account manager to guide you.

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Our JOSCAR community: 

streamlining supplier data management together
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28 Buyers
5,000 suppliers
One community

Working together as a JOSCAR community to assess supplier compliance is a positive step towards minimising duplication, reducing barriers to entry and improving the ease of doing business.



Richard Pye,
Procurement Director,
BAE Systems Land UK

By working with JOSCAR we make the administrative process more efficient, and gain more value in working together as a community.




Richard Wright, 
Directorm Supply Chain Operations and Sub-Assemblies Procurement UK

The JOSCAR on-boarding process is faster and more efficient, and when a supplier is registered, we have easy access to the information we need. 




Julia Wilcock,
Head of Supply Chain,
Roke UK

What's it like to be a member?


1. Face-to-face strategy discussions

Join one of the members' groups to discuss industry challenges and how JOSCAR can help solve them by adhering to the latest legislation.

 2. Collaborating on Challenges

Our members control the content of the supplier questionnaire, influencing the questions their own suppliers are asked. This helps keep the data current and reactive.

3. Face to face networking

Every year our members get together to discuss the latest topics and insights with the community at JOSCAR Live. The buzz in the room is always incredible.

Seamless ESG Reporting

Aligning your supply chain with ESG standards is crucial for achieving corporate sustainability goals. With ESG Analysis, we use existing supplier data gathered by the JOSCAR questionnaire to produce two simple scores, supported by academic research and current industry lawsThis makes ESG performance and reporting easier for our members. 

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Easily reduce your carbon footprint

There is an easier way to reduce your carbon footprint. JOSCAR Zero collects and measures the data you need to report on for your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as required by the UK Government. It’s quick, easy, and will help you map out your journey to net zero with a simple carbon action plan.  

Meet JOSCAR Zero

Introducing JOSCAR Live

Bringing our Buyer and Supplier members together is a huge benefit of JOSCAR, and we do exactly that at our annual conference JOSCAR Live. Attendees have the chance to meet, network and collaborate on pressing industry topics. It’s a great way to meet your SMEs too, and work towards removing those barriers to entry.

You too can have a simple supplier data management process with JOSCAR

Book a free demo
Book a free demo

Take a tour of the platform and learn how you can immediately benefit from the thousands of suppliers already registered.

Meet your Onboarding Manager

Despite our plug-and-lay systems, we take onboarding seriously. You'll have a dedicated manager guiding you through, who will also provide ongoing support.

Meet your new JOSCAR community

Enjoy regular meetings with industry peers, so you can tackle whatever comes next together.